The Wrotan

The Wrotan are the human race of Air, philosophers who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of excellence who have studied and learnt much from the guidance of the Fey-Sirona. Under the guidance of the champions of Air they conceived and set up the Wrotan Republic, but in recent years they have turned away from the paths of a republic and embraced empire, giving rise to the Wrotan Empire currently seeking domination of the Elemental Union across Urutau.


History: During the Age of Air, the Wrotan were the most astute pupils to the Fey-Sirona who were instrumental in the shaping of that long lost age of wonder. Making friends easily with the other races of the Elemental Union, the Wrotan brought together the best of all cultures and used it to shape their own. Yet they did not notice one of their tribes slipping away – they, the Wrotan Savage are listed within this section also.

When the Age of the Void began, the Wrotan were among the first of the forces to resist and fight back against the enemy, it was the Wrotan that stopped the spread of corruption across the world and it was the Wrotan that enabled the Elemental Union to fight back.

The Age of Fire was brought about by the sacrifice of the Fey-Sirona, champions of the races of Air and what remained of them as they picked up the remnants of their society guided the Wrotan in the forming of the Wrotan Republic, a philosophical society among the Elemental Union unifying the races for the greater good. This is the striving ideal that binds all Wrotan and has seen them become the greatest society in today’s world.

Physical Characteristics: Most Wrotan warriors dress lightly for greater manoeuvrability yet they carry large shields, spears and swords. Civilian dress is most commonly simple and bland, though some among the senate will utilise contacts and dress more similarly to the nobility they have met or had frequent dealings with across the world of the Republic.

Culture: The Wrotan Republic is the singularly most powerful and organised political entity within the world of Element, run by a powerful and democratic body of officials made up of representatives from around the Republic; at the heart of the Republic there is the steady and guiding hand of the Fey–Sirona and a majority of the republic is made up of Wrotan Senators. The Wrotan are a very civilised and learned race, having learnt many things from their guardians and the mistakes of the past ages. A senator represents his or her district within the republic and is supported by a group of officials or ‘ministers’, the Republic acknowledges the prestige of nobility among the republic members, but within the Wrotan nation there are no nobility, this is not to say that its officials do not enjoy the perks of the job or that they are immune to the corruption of the void, however for the better part of its body, the Wrotans strive to design and maintain a society where everyone is happy and fruitful.

Racial Advantage: Due to their keen intellect, Wrotan gain a +1 bonus experience point at the end of a day’s adventuring, they also get a bonus +1 Skill Points at character creation as a human race.


- A Wrotan Savage is a character who was formerly one of the Men of the Mountains, that grew up in servitude to the Werewolves. Yet with the development of plot, they have become available as Player Characters and have this alternative Racial Advantage: Access to the following specific Racial Skill Lists (Wrotan Barbarian, Wrotan Hunter and Wrotan Shaman). They also get the bonus +1 Skill Points at character creation as a human race.
- The Gogi, the Ephor and the Spiratan Soldier are specific to a Wrotan background that works around a character growing up in that city and very specific part of Wrotan culture.

Racial Disadvantage: Due to their ideology, the Wrotan strive to be among the best in their chosen careers, to this extent they focus on building up skills to their maximum rather than studying new skills, only when they built all character creation skills to level five may they start developing new skills as they wish.

- The Wrotan Savage Disadvantage is that they must take at least One Void Point at Character Creation, and they may not learn any of the other ordinary Wrotan Racial Skill Lists.

Notes: Of all the human races and great civilisations in the history of the world the Wrotan are influenced by the Roman & Greek Empires and the legacy they have left behind.

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