The Wrotan Republic

The Wrotan Republic was created following the end of the Age of the Void and was guided by the wisdom of the Fey-Sirona when the world of Urutau was in a state of ruin, bringing together the nations of the Elemental Union together for the greater good.

It endured for the greatest length of time and succeeded in many ways, as prosperity and union brought the nations together, forged in the sacrifices of the Fey-Sirona. Yet in all things, a time will come when the guard is let down and enemies can gather and plots be put into play.

This is how the Republic came to fall, starting with murders of Senate Officials, and seemingly unconnected plots in Quelas and the Burning Sands while state officials sent out investigative parties to seek out truth, and while this happened, eyes were elsewhere, away from the danger in the heart of the Republic.

The apparent betrayal of the Spiratans at Wroth Gelrahan should have sparked anarchy, yet the enemy was entrenched and ready, and with armies marching into the heart of Wrotentia, the Wrotan Empire was born and the republic destroyed.

Pockets of Republicans remained, called traitors for their belief in doing what is right, thinking for themselves rather than honouring the city states, yet no-one stepped up with the power and the charisma to unite them to challenge the political regime of the Empire, until one fateful day a small group of the Elemental Union found a secret way in to the city of Wroth Gelrahan. Under the leadership of Wrotan Hero Agrippa, who made contact with the Republicans that lay in hiding, waiting for someone to rally behind, as well as the ghosts of the honorable dead that had risen up, who knew the truth about matters.

The actions of this small band of heroes revealed that the Ethereal Lords were behind the machinations of the Empire, bringing them from the shadow into the light, as they faced an Ethereal King. The people of Wroth Gelrahan waited in confusion, and the honoured dead rounded on the undead of the Void, and as the Republic made a stand against the tyranny of the Empire, victory was seized and Wroth Gelrahan was liberated. These actions marked the start of a new age for the Republic, which is slowly working to restore itself, in the hope that the prosperity and union it once brought about will be again, and will once more bring nations together for the greater good, as it did before…

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