The Zarian Wastes

The Zarian Wastes in the homeland of the Fey-Sidious the dark elves who are Agents of the Void. The wastes is a harsh polar region that is buffeted by cutting winds and a real test of the stamina of whoever travels there. The Ethereal Lords have bastions of power here as well as there being caverns going into the mountains where the Black Dragons rest when not active. One of the more notable features outside of the two Fey-Sidious cities is the Tower of Sorcery a place of high magic and the center for Fey-Sidious magics and experimentation.

Locations of Note::


1: Vorth Dirzeing, the Capital City of the Fey-Sidious People, located towards the northern point, a port city that houses the Fey-Sidous Battle Fleet in ports to the east and west of the city itself.
2: The Tower of Sorcery, is located in the western wastes, a little south west of Vorth Dirzeing.
3: Sveish Kordruus is the second city, built more inland, to the east with its back to the mountains of the Zarian Wastes.
4: The Old Stone Circle, at the western edge of the Zarian Wastes.
5: The Mountains of Serenity, where in the northern section 6: the caverns of the Black Dragons can be found; at the highest peaks, further towards the heart of the mountain range, there is an elevated, 7: powerful ritual circle, of which passage to travel through takes the traveller into 8: Giant Spider infested tunnels.
9: The Ghost Plains.
10: Wraith Wind Point.
11: The Frost Fells.
12: The Mammoth Plains.

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