Time Of Dragon Magic

The Time of Dragon Magic:

In the seventh month of the year 913 of the Age of Fire, strange dragon magics seemed to manifest and warp across Urutau, causing the young dragons, Little Green, Little Red and Little Blue to mature; in this same time the Black Dragons awoke without their usual ritual summoning and became active for a heightened period of time, taking flight with a design to attack first Taris, then the Morigena Kingdom, The Wild Kingdom and the Angmori Colonies, trusting in their might to destroy the domination of the seas by the Water Races.

Due to the actions of a few, the attacks of the Black Dragons were thwarted as a prewarned Taris was able to defend itself with the aid of Little Blue and then battle was done over the Morigena Kingdom, where the Black Dragons were defeated over Souwei-Lorsan as ordered by Hafu and Rana Dae.

In other places, the wife of Astor the Red went into labour and gave birth to a new race of dragonkin, born of the Red Dracosylph father and the Salamander mother, the dragon magics seemed to emanate and begin at the same time her labour pains begun; Leandra was taken by kin onto the Elemental Plane of Fire, where she gave birth to seven healthy offspring.

The effects of the Dragon Magic upon the Purple Dragon Avatar has as yet to be determined, though Skyreach Whitewing was present during the attack upon the Morigena Kingdom and his school of magic has been set the task of understanding the anatomy and mysteries of the Black Dragons as well as safe guarding the materials that could be harvested from the corpses of the dead dragons.

Also in Urutau, Karazon of the Black underwent an awakening, the full effects of this event is as yet to be determined, but the Black Dracosylph regained access to the memories and true self that was walled away within his mind by the powers of Great White; in the process he killed the Were-Avari Seer who crossed over into Urutau in pursuit of Karazon when he escaped from the Elemental Plane of Fate.

In Quelas, the Fey-Tir Baelvanna watched as her strange egg hatched, a young, new dragon born into the world having been conceived in power upon the Elemental Plane of Magic, this young dragon remains to be placed into the order of things, but the storms of dragon magic seem to have taken many unexpected turns, not least the Warlocks of the Tower of Sorcery in the Zarian Wastes taking drastic ritual action in the wake of the destruction of so many Black Dragons.

The Time of Dragon Magic has begun to ebb and settle down, with the full cost and understanding of what has happened still to be determined.

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