Touched By Fire

Touched by Fire covers a ritual source for a heightened connection to the ELEMENT of Fire, it is not currently an open source of knowledge to the people of the Elemental Union, in particular the Fire races.

The Salamanders are, for those who know of them, a neutral race who live primarily on the Elemental Plane of Fire, it was only through the relationship between one of their own and the Red Dracosylph known as Astor the Red, that they were able to establish a temporary colony on Urutau.

Though the colony disbanded through either war, or longing for the heat of their homelands in the Salamander Caverns, their teachings remain open to those who prove faithful and wholly devoted to fire.


To be touched by fire, a character must be accepted among the Salamanders and inducted into the Cult of Draguedro, and then through this initiation, will be instructed in the lore of the cult, and gain access to the following rituals:

Lore Level One: Tolerated Initiate: The character has started to learn about the cult and be taught the basic understandings of Draguedro and the manifestation of fire and its uses.

Ritual of Scarification: Induction involves one body location (normally an arm) being totally burned and then scarred as a sign of distinction, the body location permanently loses one hit point, and it then 'locked' at that total. (Example being, Jalek has three hits per location, and upon this ritual, has his left arm scarred, reducing it permanently to two hits, which can never be increased - except by divine power!).

What the scarring does allow for, is the following benefit - that if needed, the scarring can be opened up, and the blood of the initiate that bleeds out, counts as a source of 'Enchanted' fire.

Lore Level Two: Initiate: Having undergone the ritual of scarification, the initiate is now better placed to learn more about the teachings of the cult, and to be accepted in the cult and find a place in which they may prove themselves worthy of greater understanding on the nature of fire. Proving themselves, the Initiate is further exposed to fire, and granted the benefits of such.

Ritual of Further Scarification: Acceptance involves a second body location (normally the opposing arm to the first) being totally burned and then scarred as a sign of distinction, what now happens is that this location loses one hit point, and it is then also 'locked' at that total, as in the initial Ritual of Scarification.

However, by understanding fire better, the character now gains two enchanted dodges per day.

Lore Level Three: Baptism by Fire: Delving deeper into the lore, and proving themselves truly worthy, the final stage of true initiation is accessible to the character, the full baptism of fire - it looks, it feels, it hurts and is seen as a monstrous exercise to some, a moment of true enlightenment to others, but there can be no doubt of the loyalty and commitment to the cult by undergoing this stage.

Baptism of Draguedro: The Priests prepare a special ceremony, summoning Fire Elemental's, building a gateway to which the initiate must pass through, if they are to be fully accepted within the cult, even mark mark themselves with distinction and set themselves to greater placement within the cult.

Passing through the gateway exposes the character fully to the enchanted effects of fire, it burns not only into the crude flesh, but into their mind and soul, dependent upon the initial inspection of the initiate by the forces of fire, another Fire Elemental will appear, greater in power than those already in attendance, to test the character through trials of combat, cunning and commitment. If the character survives, they are then granted certain benefits - failure is not really an option, due to its fatal consequences…

Survivors are then granted one of the following three abilities:

1: Natural Fire Manipulation: The character now gains natural fire manipulation (Enchanted).
2: Natural Fire Immunity: The character is now Immune to Mundane Fire.
3: Burned Torso: Grants the character +3 Hits to ALL locations, including those lost in levels one and two!

Lore Level Four: The Enduring Flame: Nearly all of the teachings of the cult are now open to the character, texts, stories, pilgrimages made to holy sites of interest (expect heavy role play) as the truths are dissected from the myths and beliefs and the character accepts their place within cult life.

The character may learn to perform the Rituals of Scarification and Further Scarification at a Experience Cost of Ten Points each.

That is until at some point, they receive a vision (must be at least six months after taking this level of the skill list, as it is dependent on the role play and depiction of the cult).

Vision of the Flames: This is a plot device, and as such, unable to be defined.

Lore Level Five: Bearer of the Flame: True and complete understanding of the Fire, and the ways of Draguedo are now the reward of the character. This will involve plot devices, as well as access to the character now being able to perform the 'Baptism of Draguedo'.

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