Welcome to the Trade Page, where you can keep an eye on the market values of your goods!

This page has been created for players to peruse and have a rough idea of what the market price is for different trade items or services. It is a guide only and subject to change. In some places, or from certain traders, you can expect some haggling and prices may vary from town to town!


Money is relatively simple, with the Wrotan Republic providing the main form of currency in the world through Golden Crowns, Silvers Crests and Bronze Helms.
10 Bronze Helms = 1 Silver Crest
10 Silver Crests = 1 Golden Crown

However, many traders also use gems and jewellery as currency, and below you will find a table concerning the prices for gems as uncut or cut items and prices for such gems to be fashioned into jewellery as worn by people Urutau.
Prices are in Bronze Helms. So, a Large Uncut Diamond is worth 5000 Bronze Helms, or 500 Silver Crests or 50 Golden Crowns.

Uncut Gem Type Small Medium Large Cut Gem Type Small Medium Large
Amber 50 75 100 Amber 25 50 75
Amethyst 50 75 100 Amethyst 25 50 75
Aquamarine 100 250 500 Aquamarine 50 200 400
Coral 50 75 100 Coral 25 50 75
Crystal 100 250 500 Crystal 50 200 400
Diamond 1000 2500 5000 Diamond 500 2000 4000
Emerald 1000 2500 5000 Emerald 500 2000 4000
Jacinth 1000 2500 5000 Jacinth 500 2000 4000
Jade 50 75 100 Jade 25 50 75
Jet 50 75 100 Jet 25 50 75
Moonstone 10 25 50 Moonstone 5 10 25
Obsidian 2 5 10 Obsidian 1 2 5
Pearl 100 250 500 Pearl 50 200 400
Ruby 1000 2500 5000 Ruby 500 2000 4000
Runestone 10 25 50 Runestone 5 10 25
Sapphire 200 500 1000 Sapphire 100 400 800
Topaz 200 500 1000 Topaz 100 400 800
Turquoise 10 25 50 Turquoise 5 10 25

Players will need to have the "Evaluate" skill, or have gems valued by someone who possesses the skill, to know what a gem is worth.


The Jeweller

The value for jewellery to be fashioned from both metals and gems is determined by the materials and the quality of craftsmanship used to create.
Skill Level Quality Multipliers
Layman: = x0.5 Standard Material Costs
Apprentice: = Standard Material Costs
Qualified: = x2 Standard Material Costs
Skilled: = x3 Standard Material Costs
Master-Crafted: = x4 Standard Material Costs
Elite Master-Crafted (Trade Skill of 5+): = 5x Standard Material Costs

Below is a guide regarding the quantity of base materials required to make an item of jewellery.

Jewellery Piece Base Materials Qty
Ring 0.2 Units
Earrings 0.25 Units
Brooch 0.4 Units
Large/ Unique Items 0.5 Units +

Items that require more than the base materials will be mediated with the Trade Ref. For example, a ring that is a simple Silver band would use 4oz (0.25 Units) of Silver. However, if that ring requires shoulders for gems to sit upon, or a placement for a gem to sit in, the amount of Silver would be slightly higher at perhaps 5 ounces (0.4 Units).

Invocation Items

A full list of Prices for goods needed to craft Invocation Items (Scrolls and Runes) can be found here.

Metals and Alloys

For the Blacksmiths among you, here is a list of metals and alloys available.

Metal Availability Price per lb
Mithril Rare 50 Golden Crowns
Gold Uncommon 15 Golden Crowns
Silver Uncommon 15 Silver Crests
Tungsten Uncommon 5 Bronze Helms
Iron Common 3 Bronze Helms
Lead Common 5 Bronze Helms
Copper Very Common 2 Bronze Helms
Tin Very Common 1 Bronze Helm
Alloy Availability Price per lb
Steel Blacksmiths 7 Bronze Helms
Bronze Blacksmiths 6 Bronze Helms
Green Iron Calatamori 20 Silver Crests
Vidian Steel Fey-Sidious 50 Golden Crowns
Manaluminumn Gornang Only 100 Golden Crowns

Steel is the common alloy used by blacksmiths to create weaponry from, though this is not always a hard and fast rule, as players may find themselves in need of a weapon or armour made from something else for a specific purpose.

In addition, metals have a variety of characteristics, not listed here but can be covered by Lore: Minerals, regarding what metals and alloys do and do not. Vidian Steel and Manaluminumn are rare and challenging alloys, to which the Gornang are masters (specifically ‘Forge-Masters’); Vidian Steel is used to create Void artefacts imbued with power and Manaluminumn is the Elemental Union equivalent.

The Armoury

Most towns and cities in Uratau have somewhere you can purchase, or sell, armour. Below is a price guide.
Armour Type Market Value
Light Armour 6 Silver
Leather Armour 9 Silver
Chain Mail 4 Gold
Plate Armour 6 Gold

There are of course more specialist types of armour, but players will have to find out about these in game…

The Blacksmith

A common addition to towns and cities across Uratau. For buying and selling, the following table can be used as a guide.
All prices include the costs for the Blacksmith making the item. Additional or specific items and quality are a matter to be discussed with the person making the specific item, things such as craftsmanship are likely to increase a price rather then reduce it.


Weapon Materials Cost
Dagger Iron, Leather 1 Silver
Dagger Steel, Leather 2 Silver
Hand Axe/Hammer Iron, Leather 2 Silver
Hand Axe/Hammer Steel, Leather 3 Silver
Sword (Medium) Iron, Leather 4 Silver
Sword (Medium) Steel, Leather 6 Silver
Axe/Mace (Medium) Iron, Leather 7 Silver
Axe/Mace (Medium) Steel, Leather 8 Silver
Great Sword Iron, Leather 9 Silver
Great Sword Steel, Leather 1 Gold
Axe/Hammer (Two Handed) Iron, Leather 9 Silver
Axe/Hammer (Two Handed) Steel, Leather 1 Gold


Size Cost
Small Reinforced Shield 4 Silver
Medium Reinforced Shield 75 Broze
Large Reinforced Shield 11 Silver

As with all things, certain more specialised weapons and components will have to be sought out in game.


As with The Armoury and Blacksmith, most towns and cities have a Fletcher.

Equipment Market Value
Bow 1 Silver
Long Bow 3 Silver
X5 Arrows 1 Bronze
Crossbow 2 Silver
X5 Crossbow Bolts 1 Bronze

Again, for more specialist equipment, players will have to enquire in character.

Alchemy Ingredients

Here you will find a list of Alchemy Ingredients, and their market value. (Prices have been worked out based on their forage level and the level of potion they can be used for). For a list of potions, and prices, click here.

Ingredient Type Market Value Ingredient Type Market Value Ingredient Type Market Value
Alkanet Flower Plant 2 Bronze Aloe Vera Leaves Plant 1 bronze Arrow Root Plant 4 bronze
Bear Claws Animal Body Parts 4 bronze Bee Insect 1 bronze Beehive Husk Beehive 2 bronze
Bergamot Seeds Plant 3 bronze Blackberry Plant 1 bronze Bleeding Crown Fungus 1 silver
Blisterwort Fungus 5 bronze Bloodgrass Plant 5 silver Bloodworm Worm 5 bronze
Blue Butterfly Insect 3 bronze Blue Dartwing Insect 4 bronze Blue Mountain Flower Plant 1 bronze
Bog Beacon Asco Cap Fungus 3 bronze Bonemeal Skeleton 3 bronze Briarheart Plant 10 gold
Butterfly Wing Insect 3 bronze Cairn Bolete Cap Fungus 5 bronze Canis Root Plant 1 silver
Chaurus Egg Giant Insect 10 gold Cinnebar Polypor Redcap Fungus 1 silver Cinnebar Polypor Yellow Fungus 5 silver
Clouded Funnel Cap Fungus 3 bronze Columbine Root Plant 1 silver Creep Cluster Plant 3 bronze
Crimson Nirnroot Plant 5 silver Deathbell Plant 5 bronze Dragon's Tongue Plant 5 bronze
Dryad Saddle Polypor Cap Fungus 5 silver Ebur Precious Stone 40 gold Ectoplasm Ethereal Undead 20 gold
Elves Ear Plant 1 bronze Elf Cup Cap Fungus 5 bronze Emetic Russula Cap Fungus 2 bronze
Etherbane Plant 20 gold Fennel Seeds Plant 1 bronze Fire Salts Fire Elemental 5 gold
Fly Amanita Fungus 5 bronze Foxglove Nectar Plant 1 silver Frost Mirriam Plant 3 bronze
Garlic Plant 2 bronze Giant Lichen Plant 3 bronze Ginkgo Leaf Plant 3 bronze
Ginseng Plant 4 bronze Glow Dust Wisps 40 gold Glowing Mushrooms Fungus 5 silver
Golden Rose Seeds Plant 5 bronze Grass Pod Plant 2 bronze Green Stain Cup Cap Fungus 3 bronze
Green Stain Self Cap Fungus 1 silver Hanging Moss Plant 1 bronze Hawk Beak Animal Body Parts 1 silver
Hawk Feathers Animal Body Parts 5 bronze Harrada Plant 1 bronze Histcarp Fish 3 bronze
Honeycomb Beehive 1 bronze Human Flesh Human Body Parts 5 silver Human Heart Human Body Parts 1 gold
Imp Stool Fungus 5 bronze Ironwood Nut Plant 3 bronze Jarrin Root Plant 5 bronze
Jazbay Grapes Plant 1 bronze Juniper Berries Plant 1 bronze Lady's Mantle Leaves Plant 2 bronze
Lady's Smock Leaves Plant 2 bronze Lavender Plant 2 bronze Lotus Seeds Plant 2 silver
Luna Moth Wing Insect 10 gold Mandrake Root Plant 3 bronze Milk Thistle Leaves Plant 2 bronze
Mora Tapinella Fungus 3 bronze Monkshood Root Plant 1 bronze Morning Glory Root Plant 1 bronze
Mort Flesh Undead Flesh 5 bronze Motherwort Sprig Plant 2 bronze Mugwort Seeds Plant 1 bronze
Namira's Rot Fungus 4 bronze Nightshade Plant 5 silver Nirnroot Plant 1 gold
Ogres Teeth Ogre Body Parts 1 silver Orange Dartwing Insect 3 bronze Phoenix Feather Phoenix 100 gold
Peony Seeds Plant 2 bronze Pearl Precious Stone 5 silver Pinecones Plant 2 bronze
Pinethrush Egg Bird Egg 2 bronze Powdered Mammoth Tusk Animal Body Parts 10 gold Primrose Leaves Plant 3 bronze
Purple Mountain Flower Plant 2 bronze Rat Meat Animal Body Parts 1 bronze Red Mountain Flower Plant 1 bronze
Red Wall Flower Plant 1 silver Redwort Flower Plant 3 bronze River Betty Fish 3 bronze
Root Pulp Plant 2 silver Rock Warbler Egg Bird Egg 3 bronze Sabre Cat Eye Animal Body Parts 1 gold
Salmon Roe Fish Eggs 5 bronze Scaly Bark Plant 1 silver Scaly Phiolota Fungus 5 bronze
Scorpion Tail Animal Body Parts 5 bronze Slaughterfish Egg Fish Egg 1 silver Slaughterfish Scales Fish Body Parts 3 bronze
Small Antlers Animal Body Parts 4 bronze Somnalius Fond Plant 4 bronze Snowberries Plant 1 bronze
Spiddal Stick Plant 3 bronze Spider Egg Spider Egg 5 bronze Spider Venom (Larassu Spider) Spider 1 gold
Spriggan Sap Spriggan Body Parts 5 gold St. John Wort Nectar Plant 2 silver Steel Blue Entoloma Cap Fungus 4 bronze
Stinkhorn Cap Fungus 3 bronze Strawberry Plant 2 bronze Summer Bolete Cap Fungus 4 bronze
Swamp Fungal Pod Fungus 1 silver Taproot Spriggan Body Parts 5 silver Thistle Branch Plant 3 bronze
Tiger Lily Nectar Plant 5 bronze Tinder Polypor Cap Fungus 10 gold Torchbug Thorax Insect 1 silver
Troll Fat Troll Body Parts 5 bronze Tundra Cotton Plant 3 bronze Unicorn Blood Unicorn Body Parts Priceless
Unicorn Horn Unicorn Body Parts Priceless Vampire Dust Vampire Remains 5 gold Viper's Bugloss Leaves Plant 1 silver
Void Salts Creatures of the Void 5 gold Wheat Plant 1 bronze White Seed Pods Plant 3 bronze
Wisp Stalk Cap Fungus 3 bronze Wormwood Leaves Plant 5 silver

There may be other ingredients available, but these will have to be found out about in game!

The Inn

Every adventurer needs somewhere to relax when away from home!

Inn Service Cost
Common room (per night) 1 Bronze Helm
Private room (per night) 12 Bronze Helms
Per Horse in stables (w/ Hay) 3 Bronze Helms
Per Horse in stables (w/ Oats) 8 Bronze Helms
Dinner for One 4 Bronze Helms
Pint of Ale or Beer 1 Bronze Helm
Mead (per keg) 4 Bronze Helms
Average Wine (per bottle) 1 Bronze Helm
Good Wine (per bottle) 2 Bronze Helms
Excellent Wine (per bottle) 25 Bronze Helms
Entertainment for the night 2 Silver Crests


In all places around the world there are always people willing to offer their services, be they legal or illegal, moral or immoral; it is very rare for a place not to have all of the listed services.

Service Rate Cost
At a Church
- Read a Letter per letter 1 Bronze Helm
- Write a Letter per letter 3 Bronze Helms
- Copy a Text per page 5 Bronze Helms
- Deliver a Letter per day 5 Bronze Helms
- Compose a Poem/Song per poem/song 1-10 Silver Crests
Legal Representative per day 2 Bronze Helms
Chirurgeon per day 2 Silver Crests
Professional Woman per night 2-8 Bronze Helms
Courtesan per night 1-4 Silver Crests
Nimorian Courtesan per night 14 Golden Crowns
Bodyguard per day 4 Bronze Helms
Bodyguard per night 8 Bronze Helms
Adventurer per 24hrs 1 Silver Crest
Locksmith per hour 3 Bronze Helms
Tradesman per hour 2 Bronze Helms
Alchemist per hour 5 Silver Crests
Blacksmith per hour 4 Bronze Helms
Gornang Forge Master per item 500 Golden Crowns
Servant per day 1 Bronze Helm
Hire a Fishing Boat per day 6 Silver Crests
Hire Pirates per day 30 Golden Crowns
Charter passage to ‘x’ per day 1 Bronze Helm

Per day equals an average 8-hour shift; per night covers from dusk till dawn, per 24hrs covers all costs for employment beyond 1 day.
Improved skill levels for services are available dependent on plot and referee discretion, add 25% onto the rate per additional level, except for level 5 skills. That is something that should be high and decided at the time by the referee team.

Other Goods

It can be assumed that the great multitude of equipment normally used by adventurers is found in a standard market place with a variety of different trades and skilled people.

Goods Cost
Basic Rations (x1 day) 2 Bronze Helms
Average Rations (x1 day) 8 Bronze Helms
Excellent Rations (x1 day) 28 Bronze Helms
Sheep 1 Silver Crest
Ewe and Lamb 25 Bronze Helms
Ram 6 Silver Crests
Sow 6 Silver Crests
Cow 6 Silver Crests
Milking Cow 12 Silver Crests
Oxen 18 Silver Crests
Young Hawk 15 Bronze Helms
Trained Hawk 8 Silver Crests
Common Dog 5 Bronze Helms
Trained or Unusual Dog 25 Bronze Helms
Donkey 6 Silver Crests
Cart Horse 8 Silver Crests
Pack Horse 1 Golden Crown
Riding Horse 1 Golden Crown
Warhorse 10 Golden Crowns
Average Riding Tack 16 Bronze Helms
Good Riding Tack 24 Bronze Helms
Master Crafted Riding Tack 1 Golden Crown
Four-Wheel Wagon 1 Silver Crest
Two-Wheel Cart 7 Bronze Helms
Standard Tent 2 Bronze Helms
Large Tent 2 Silver Crests
Grand Tent 1-5 Golden Crowns
Standard Clothing 1 Bronze Helm
Fashionable Clothing 1 Silver Crest
Courtly Clothing 1 Golden Crown

Happy trading!

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