Trade Skills

The 'Trade' Skill is a 'Streets of Life' Skill in the ELEMENT: Age of Dragons Players Handbook (page 395), with additional rules added in 'The UTC Winter Catalogue' The Age of Dragons Second Edition (page 1+). Additional Addendum Rules appear in The ELEMENT: Age of Dragons Rules Compendium (page 477), bringing us to this page…

First and foremost it remains the right of the Referee Team to restrict Rip Requests if it is deemed that the Character making the Rip Requests has not been doing their Trade - role play on the forums should satisfy actually performing their trade where possible.

Secondly, from a often highlighted basis, having the Trade Skill covers a couple of options that cannot, and do not trump the Merchant Social Status (ELEMENT: Legends page 90 - 92) where a Character can own a business rather than be an employee or wandering Trades Person.

Let it be reiterated that Rip Requests represent what is left at the end of the month, from what work the Character has done, breaking even; it can and should be questioned if a Character is walking away with exuberant and unrealistic riches, taking this into account.

Not all Trades conform to the standard set for the Trade Skill write up, and in the first instance, if they do not conform to the write up, then they cannot make Rip Requests. However, we try our best to adapt and include oversights, errors or what can be really awesome ideas - and that is where the attached file on this page comes into effect.

In all instances, if a Player has any issue, please speak to your Nation Referee, or the Trade Referee.

Additional Resources or ideas, visit the following page Medieval Professions.



Please note that the below table replaces the "Jeweller: Size Multipliers" table on Page 16 of the UTC Winter Catalogue (2nd Edition), and should be used instead.

Jewellery Piece Base Materials Qty
Ring 0.2 Units
Earrings 0.25 Units
Brooch 0.4 Units
Large/ Unique Items 0.5 Units +
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