True Fomori

True Fomori are a specific breed of Demon, associated with sea within the House of War; their leader was Fleet Admiral Findias, served in turn by his daughter, Admiral Dyrel and her husband, Commodore Telellë Ráva.

They were defeated in the battle of Wroth cayeno in 915AoF against the Navy of the Elemental Union, with all leaders dying.

In 916AoF, Midas Dae accepted an offer to become their new admiral.

The House of the Fomori have access to the following Skill List:

Level One: The Black Mark: The Black Mark is a symbol or permission to travel through the Demon Ways by those who have sworn to the life of the True Fomori, it also extends to survival on the other Metaplanes, including Urutau so long as they remain at sea; leaving the sea lanes means that the Fomori lose one hit per hour away from sea. This ability also extends to being able to survive under the sea, as many Fomori Ships sail under the water as opposed to on top of it.

Level Two: Sea Skin: The Fomori is now toughened and Immune to Mundane 'Singles' and 'Doubles'.

Level Three: Strength of the Ship: Similar to Nimorian Healing, this ability only works so long as the Fomori is in contact with their assigned ship, but it allows them to heal three wounds per day by up to three hits.

Level Four: Anchored: Four times per day, so long as the Fomori 'anchors' them self on a spot, they may not be moved or killed so long as this ability is active (lasts for four minutes per use).

Level Five: Tempest: Five times per day, the Fomori may strike and call 'Mass Knock Back'.

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