Turow is a rather dangerous island to find and visit, home to a rather mad, rather powerful woman known as 'The Old Sea Wife' and opposed by the more deadly, Void-Tainted Feymori Half-Breed, Sharia. it is however, a paradise for some of the more rarer ingredients of alchemy that may be found across Urutau, in particular for the healing of Necrosy..

Map Locations:

1: A Void-Tainted Feymori Settlement.
2: A Void-Tainted Feymori Settlement.
3: A Ritual Circle.
4: The Home of the Old Sea Wife.
5: The Narrow Pass.
6: The Water Serpent's Teeth.
7: Pirate's Bay #1.
8: Pirate's Bay #2.
9: The Island of Helm.
10: The Home of Sharia.

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