Urutau Sealanes

The Urutau Sea Lanes are the water ways and oceans that make up the rest of Urutau that are not land masses. Some areas remain a mystery, others are well travelled, safe routes, and many fall in between.

1: The Northern Waters: Above Khayeim, these are strange waters to travel, for all normal means of Orientation, and Magical Insight to traverse the fog shrouded waters lead to little beyond confusion, with winds blowing in many directions. It is rumoured that a Ritual Site is concealed somewhere within the Northern Waters, called the Crown of the World, though what lies there, can only be dreamed of.

2: The Blood Sea: North of the Dark Mountains, this small section falls within the gaze of the home of the Vampires, and many see the dark depths as possessed of a crimson hue, it must be crossed to reach the Northern Waters.

3: The Bay of Three Nations: Resting to the north of Wrotentia, with Khayeim to the West and Valorn to the East, this 'bay' is viewed as an enclosed water due to its northern boundary touching upon the Northern Waters. It is fished, and used to trade between the above named nations, Pirates and Enemies are never seen here.

4: The Narrow Ways: A stretch of water that divides the Wrotan Republic from Lyrzeria, it touches the Northern Waters at its highest point, and ends at the great bridge that was built by the Gornang to connect the Republic to Lyrzeria that leads directly into the Gap of Peril.

5: The Five Point Sea: Just south of the bridge that connects the Wrotan Republic to the Gap of Peril in Lyrzeria, this waterway leads in five directions, eastwards to the waters between the Savage Mountains and the Wild Kingdom, south east to the lane that divides Larrasu from the Wild Kingdom, south it leads to the waters between Quelas and Larrasu; westwards it leads to the lane between Quelas and the Wrotan Republic, and finally north towards the Narrow Ways.

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