Valorn is the homeland of the Vespari, the dwarven race of Air. It is by majority a largely high altitude series of encampments or communes where the Vespari live, largely aided by their use of magic. Though, whilst many choose to live in and around the Mountains, Valorn City has proved popular, with many Vespari taking up residence there. The City consists of four Quarters surrounding a central Parliament, where Vespari spokespeople for their Quarter gather monthly to discuss pressing matters, under the guidance of the elected Prime Minister, currently Sunshine Meadowbloom the Fourth. Each Quarter is made up of a Capital for that Quarter, and four surrounding towns.


1. Central Parliament

(The 'Happy Quarter', a good choice of dwelling within Valorn City for all those mellow Vespari…)
2. Neverland Park (Capital of Neverland)
3. Blisstown
4. Loveville
5. Woodstock
6. Highbrook

(The 'Rich Quarter', made up of lavish estates. This is where the money lives…)
7. Uptonia Central (Capital of Uptonia)
8. Meadowbloom Heights
9. Highwind Point
10. Twin Peaks
11. Baverley Hills

(The 'Skyfleet Quarter', trade capital for Valorn City, and Air Ship base…)
12. Nova Central (Capital of Nova)
13. Oberth
14. Deneva
15. Erewan
16. Vesta

Las Venturas
(The 'Casino Quarter', all the bright lights and big noise of the City…)
17. Big Town (Las Venturas Capital)
18. Tinsel Town
19. San Fierro
20. The Strip
21. Spring Valley

Valorn is a part of the Wrotan Republic, with the Vespari taking action in 913 of the Age of Fire to overthrow the Wrotan Empire and revealing the influence of the Ethereal Lords.

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