Vampires in the Zarian Wastes

Information Vampires of the Zarian Wastes

As vampires become more active in the Zarian wastes, a little more is now known about how this new land affects them. It is rumoured that, certainly Trueborn Vampires, in this the wastes have the following additional disadvantages to vampires found elsewhere:

Silver: This metal is said to burn vampires in a comparable manner to the way iron burns fey.

Garlic: This food will poison a vampire, acting like a Greater Enchanted Damage Health potion. The wounds from which can only be recovered after the poison is cured or by the expending of blood points for healing.

Running water: A vampire crossing running water is weakened, as if effected by a lesser mundane damage strength potion. This applies to each such crossing as a cumulative effect. In rain a vampire will be unable to use their enchanted strength (bulging biceps).

Holy symbols: It is rumoured that displaying a holy symbol of the dark church or other religion to a vampire will prevent the vampire from being able to dominate the holder.

This knowledge is not covered by Lore: Vampires but is instead garnered through either first-hand observation during gameplay. Or through actively seeking out rumours specifically regarding vampires in the cities of the Fey Sidious.

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