Vampirism is an Enchanted Disease that may be caught in game play.

Infection: Vampirism in caught by a target being drained of all their living blood, but before their death count expires, they are given Vampiric Blood directly from a Vampire.

Effects: The target becomes a Vampire (gaining all their strengths and weaknesses), and in all likeliness, an NPC in short order after that unless cured by a fellow player character.

Detection: Disease Level Four enables proper confirmation of the disease, though abhorrence to sunlight and fire are good indicators of the presence of the Enchanted Disease.

Treatment: Curing Vampirism requires a Greater Enchanted Alchemical Potion, brewed with specific ingredients including the ingredient of ‘Blood Grass’ from the Zarian Wastes, the blood of an Ulcas and ‘Vampire Dust’.

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