Vardagh Vironia

Vardagh Vironia was initially a Fey-Sirona floating city much like Menyel-Tiriona that crashed into the eastern oceans at some point during the Age of the Void, and its ruin surfaced back during 908 of the Age of Fire, where members of the Morigena Light Company were able to explore it before it sunk finally once and for all into the depths of the sea there, believed forever to be lost.

But that was before the coming of Great Black, who with his monstrous strength, delved deep into the waters and brought the ruined city up to the surface before then carrying it back to the Zarian Wastes for the Fey-Sidious to rebuild and convert into a floating city for the Agents of the Void in 913 of the Age of Fire.

The city has as yet to be seen anywhere else in Urutau, other than the Zarian Wastes, but the opportunity this presents for the races of the Void means that many who know of the cities existence among the Elemental Union are rightly concerned of what the future may bring as the city allows the enemy to overcome the supremacy of the seas enjoyed by the Elemental Union since the return of Lord Morian.

As the year 914AoF began, the city was deployed to start a campaign of terror. Using large flying Biomantic Creatures, the city is able to deploy large amounts of shock troops into an environment to hit hard, and to hit fast. First attacking the Castle of the Elemental Union, and then the Nimorian Kingdom.

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