The Vespari are the only dwarven race on Urutau who are capable of using magic. They live in the mountain communes of Valorn. They have a rather relaxed view on life and favour the use of narcotics for inspired indulgence and lethargy, making them by majority opinion wasters of the talents they have at their diposal, much to the ire of the Gornang and the other races who make up the Elemental Union.


History: During the long lost Age of Air, the Vespari found their place in the world by exploring the Arts, Philosophy and Magic, for among the Dwarven races of the Elemental Union, the Vespari are the only ones capable of wielding the arcane.

The Age of the Void was a trying time for the Vespari, but they found the time and motivation to arm themselves and go to war against the enemy and aid their cousins, the Gornang in the creation of artefacts. The Gornang however, found it difficult to work with the decadent Vespari and the relationship soon soured and has remained so for a long age.

The Age of Fire has for much of it seen the Vespari continue much as they ever have, when given the chance. Yet in the last few years something has changed within them, an excitement for exploration and the development of the Vespari Air Ship, that were then used in alliance with the Fey-Sirona and the Dracosylph to bring about the downfall of the Wrotan Empire and destroy the influence of the Ethereal Lords who were behind the Empire. They are members of the Wrotan Republic, but have grown in stature since the development of their Skyfleet Academy and may just contain the ability to turn the fight against the Void.

Physical Characteristics: The Vespari value beauty and quality and will dress according to their decadent tastes. They make poor warriors, but may use any weaponry or armour. Like the Elves and other Dwarven kin the Vespari have pointed ears and a life span exceeding average human, they may live up to two hundred years if their excessive lifestyles allow it.

Culture: The Vespari are the High Dwarven race that consider themselves among the greatest thinkers of their dwarven kin and have one exceptional quality over them also – they are the only dwarven race capable of using magic. They are an organised body; a trait much shared with their other kinsmen among the children of Air and is one of great philosophers and poets. They put forward representatives who show a profound skill in the subject matter to deal with visitors or acting within the Wrotan Republic and live in a society where all dwarves are equal.

The Vespari are viewed as an odd eclectic bunch really by many races, though they are always willing to share what they have with guests and possess a great skill for entertaining

Racial Advantage: Unlike the other dwarven races that cannot make use of magic, the Vespari may fully use magic and may take that option at Character Creation.

Racial Disadvantage: The Vespari are not a war loving culture and may not exceed level three in any combat related skills.

Notes: Vespari = Short hairy hippies, they are happiest when indulging themselves in any vice they know of and will more often than not have at least one habit they cannot break from for less than a short passage of time.

Skill Lists

The Cloud Master: A sense of understanding about the weather, handy if you don’t want to go traipsing around in the rain…


Level One: Sense Weather (Spell): This spell allows the caster to know what the weather is going to be like over the next hour in the region where they are. Additional Mana may extend the duration of the forecast by +1 Mana per +1 Hour.

Level Two: Mist Me (Spell): This spell allows the caster to conjure a mystical fog that descends on the area (a small field for example) that only the users of this spell list can then navigate. Anyone caught in the fog has his or her vision reduced to arms length, including Thermal Vision and any other version of Mundane Vision.

Level Three: Weather Manipulation (Spell): The caster can manipulate the weather in their local vicinity in a fashion of their choosing.

Level Four: Cloud Signals (Spell): The caster of this spell may send messages via the clouds to one intended target known to them. The message should not be too complex, four sentences at the most. When the message is complete, the clouds will race off to find the target to deliver the message, and then resume their normal existence upon the completion of their task. Additional sentences may be added at a rate of +1 sentence per +1 additional Mana point to the original casting.

Level Five: Lightning Bolt (Spell): The caster may issue forth a lightning bolt from the sky to strike a target, doing 'Enchanted Quad' global damage.

The Herbalist: Displaying their excellent skill for all things herbal in nature and their acute understandings of Alchemy, Foraging, Poisons and Medicinal Uses in their society.


Level One: Smell Herbal Values: The character may examine and sniff a herbal ingredient and be able to successfully identify its full properties with a successful test against a Referee.

Level Two: A Spoonful of Sugar: The Vespari Herbalist is capable of making their defensive concoctions so much better, to the point that they make them with a +2 bonus modifier to the normal effects of a concoction. No Offensive creations can be modified in this way.

Level Three: A Touch of Extra Care: The Vespari is capable of making potions and concoctions that have a shelf life that lasts three times as long as the standard creation recipes. This does not make them three times as strong however.

Level Four: Turn Mana into Liquid Form: With help from a Magic User, or if the Herbalist is a Magic User them self, they may turn Mana into a viable liquid ingredient to be used in place of any ONE missing ingredient required. This requires +1 Mana per one dose of the one ingredient. The process takes ten minutes per point of Mana being taken in this fashion.

Level Five: Master Herbalist: The character may spend only half the time to reap the full benefits from anything involving Herbology, including Alchemy, Foraging, Poisons and First Aid.

The Las Venturas Residents: Vespari who dwell here have succumbed to a life of excess and gambling.


- Must be Vespari.
- Must have lived in Las Venturas for a minimum of two years.

Level One: Gamble: Once per day the Vespari must choose to gamble on the outcome of a failed test. A retest may be made, however, should the retest fail the consequence will be double. (So, for example, if the Vespari has failed to detect a trap, a retest can be made using this skill. However, if the retest also fails, the trap will be set off, and the Vespari will take double the damage that would have originally been dealt by the trap.)

Level Two: Double or Nothing: Twice per Event, the Vespari may make a test to double the amount of loot found on an adventure. The test should be made after the adventure. If the test is successful, they receive double the amount of gold or jewels they have found. However, if the test fails, they get nothing, and must hand over all loot to the Referee.

Level Three: Little Tell: Once per day, the Vespari may perform a ten minute superstitious ritual that may be as simple as turning a hat x amount of times clockwise and then x amount of times anticlockwise, or something of equally superstitious virtue to perform, but must take at least three minutes to gain one of the following bonuses:
- +3 temporary Hits per Location.
- +3 temporary Mana Points.
This may be done once per day/night, and the effects last for 24 hours.

Level Four: Luck, be a Lady Tonight: Once per night, the Vespari may, through the use of a "lucky charm", invoke luck. By concentrating on their charm for four minutes, they will become 'Lucky' and may call ‘No Effect’ versus any Mundane or Enchanted negative effects against them.

Level Five: Jackpot!: The Vespari knows when their luck is in and thus they are guaranteed to find five pieces of Silver on every adventure they go on. Should the Vespari decide to use the Level Two Skill, 'Double or Nothing', this silver is safe, and will not be gambled.

Note: It should be stated that 'Lady Luck' is not an actual Lady, and any reference to her is purely superstitious… maybe…

The Neverland Commune: Vespari who dwell here embrace a life of peace, love and happiness.


- Must be Vespari.
- Must have lived in Neverland for a minimum of two years.

Level One: ‘Peace Man’: Once per day, the Vespari with this skill may project an aura to induce feelings of peace and happiness within others. This is a one meter area effect, which lasts for one minute. The Vespari must remain calm and relaxed for the duration of the effect.

Level Two: ‘The Dude abides…’: By taking an uninterrupted twenty minutes to chill out, the Vespari can approach a problem with a fresh mindset, and may ask a Referee for guidance. This may include the solution to a specific problem, or a clue on how to solve the problem (to be decided at the discretion of the referee). This may be used twice per day.

Level Three: ‘Third Star to the Left, and Straight on til morning, Man…’: By gazing at the stars and identifying constellations (playing metaphysical dot to dot!), or by identifying cloud shapes for ten minutes, the Vespari may draw upon the mystical energies that lie within, and gain a bonus of either:
- +3 temporary Hits per Location.
- +3 temporary Mana Points.

This may be done once per day/night, and the effects last for 24 hours.

Level Four: Dude! Sweet!: Four Times per day, the Vespari with this skill may find, through role play some common ground with a hostile opponent (as long as the hostile is capable of reason), allowing for safe passage. This may work on up to four targets at any one time, and lasts for four minutes.

Level Five: Enchanted Hug: The love swells within the Vespari so much that just a hug is enough to make an enemy rethink an attack. Five Times per day, the Vespari may hug an opponent, and for the next five minutes, that opponent will become a friend, and follow the Vespari, so full of love that it will defend the Vespari to the death. Though, when the effect wears off, the target may not be quite so loving…

Skyfleet Academy: The Vespari Skyfleet Academy is a new creation, their Airships designed and created and tested only as recently as 913 of the Age of Fire.


That same year mass production began in an unprecedented level of focus by the dwarves of Air. But with good intent, after a visit from the Daimyo of the Fey-Sirona and Great White, plans were made and the first battle showing of the air ships made as an alliance of Air moved into the heartland of the Wrotan Empire to overthrow it and the influence of the Ethereal Lords, leading to the restoration of the Wrotan Republic and a new place of prestige and an age of exploration for the Vespari.

Level One: To Boldly Go: The Racial characteristic of the Vespari is changed from one of decadence to one of a need to explore.

Level Two: Windswept: The Vespari gets +2 Mundane Dodges per day.

Level Three: A Fighting Chance: One Combat skill may be focused upon and raised now to the normal levels; the Skyfleet Academy Airmen also gain +2 Enchanted Dodges per day.

Level Four: Kobayashi Maru: Four Times per Event, the Vespari may turn a failed Mundane Test into a success!

Level Five: We Come in Peace: Five Times per Event, the Vespari may win over a hostile opponent to allow them either passage onwards to continue their journey, or to allow for a five minute conversation without threat of hostility - after the five minutes have expired, this may of course cause a more hostile reaction from the target! And five minutes after the Vespari has greased their way passed a hostile, they may well find the target chasing after them!

The Uptonia Elite: Uptonia has its own Vespari Racial Skill List, however, one has to have money, and it is far too rich for this lower class handbook. If you meet the requirements below, you may hope to ascend to such riches, but until then, must dine with the peasants…


- Must be Vespari.
- Must have at least 10 Gold in the Bank at all times.
- Must have lived in Uptonia for a minimum of two years.
- Must not possess the Neverland Skill List.

The Vespari may also learn The Way of the Lammasu.

To Live would be an awfully big Adventure!

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