Vespari Air Ships

The Vespari Air Ship is a new creation, designed and created, tested only recently on 913 of the Age of Fire. That same year mass production began in an unprecendented level of focus by the dwarves of Air. But with good intent, after a visit from the Daimyo of the Fey-Sirona and Great White, plans were made and the first battle showing of the air ships made as an alliance of Air moved into the heartland of the Wrotan Empire to overthrow it and the influence of the Ethereal Lords, leading to the restoration of the Wrotan Republic and a new place of prestige and an age of exploration for the Vespari.

Vespari Airship Crew Skill List:

Pre-requisite: Vespari Only.

Level One: To Boldly Go: The Racial character of the Vespari is changed from one of decadence to one for a need to explore.

Level Two: Windswept: The Vespari gets +2 Mundane Dodges per day.

Level Three: A Fighting Chance: One Combat skill may be focused upon and raised now to the normal levels; the Airmen also gain +2 Enchanted Dodges per day.

Level Four: Kobayashi Maru: x4 Times per day, the Vespari may turn a failed mundane test into a success!

Level Five: We Come in Peace: x5 Times per day, the Vespari may win over a hostile opponent to allow them either passage onwards to continue their journey, or to allow for a five minute conversation without threat of hostility - after the five minutes have expired, this may of course cause a more hostile reaction from the target! And five minutes after the Vespari has greased their way passed a hostile, they may well fone the target chasing after them!

Air Ship Classes:

Making use of rules presented in the 'All at Sea' Document for ELEMENT, but the air ships fly, rather than sail the seas of Urutau.

1: CloudBuster Class Air Ship.

- Size: 03.
- Construction: 50.
- Armour: Zero.
- Artillery: Zero.
- Crew: 20.
- Cargo Capacity: 30 Tons.
- Cost: 1500 Gold Crowns.

2: Defiant Class Air Ship.

- Size: 03
- Construction: 75.
- Armour: 01.
- Artillery: x2 Ballista.
- Crew: 30
- Cargo Capacity: 30 Tons.
- Cost: 2000 Gold Crowns.

3: Excelsior Class Air Ship.

- Size: 04.
- Construction: 150.
- Armour: 02.
- Artillery: x4 Ballista.
- Crew: 50.
- Cargo Capacity: 50 Tons.
- Cost: 4500 Gold Crowns.

4: Enterprise Class Air Ship.

- Size: 04.
- Construction: 200.
- Armour: 03.
- Artillery: x4 Ballista.
- Crew: 75.
- Cargo Capacity: 60 Tons.
- Cost: 6000 Gold Crowns.

5: Thunder Child Class Air Ship.

- Size: 05.
- Construction: 400.
- Armour: 04.
- Artillery: x8 Ballista.
- Crew: 150.
- Cargo Capacity: 80 Tons.
- Cost: 15000 Gold Crowns.

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