Vespari To Live

To Live (Would be an awfully Big Adventure!)
"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves"
Original Concept by John Abnett

Although not a prerequisite, it is to be noted that most Vespari who have this list tend to be from Neverland. (If you have also completed the Neverland Skill List then you get a -2XP break from taking skills from this list - this represents the fact that these skills seem to come easier to them.)

It is also noted that those with this list tend to call any Pirate Captain they meet ‘Codfish!’, any appearances by a Crocodile with a ticking clock in its belly is purely coincidental…

- 1: Vespari only.
- 2: Must have completed the Wind Rider Skill List.
- 3: Must travel to the plane of magic and make friends with a Sprite.

Level One: All the World is made of Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust: Allows for the full use of Magic while falling or flying.

Level Two: Just Think of Happy Things: Allows a Character to use Wands or Magic Staffs as foci as they fall or fly. This skill also allows you to use a weapon (One-Handed Weapon) while falling or flying.

Level Three: Me, Myself and I: The Character is able to dodge any Mundane ‘Singles’, ‘Doubles’ and ‘Triples’ as they fight not just the character but the Characters shadow also.

Note #1: Observers of the Character may notice that the shadow moves slightly out of synch with the Character, or that it often makes gestures of how the Character may be truly feeling, giving the impression that the Shadow has a mind of its own…

Note #2: From time to time, the Shadow of the Character may escape and have fun, or cause trouble…

Level Four: Hey Listen! The friendship between the Character and the Sprite is now much stronger to the extent that it now counts as a Familiar as per the Magic Familiar rules but without losing a permanent Mana Point or costing you any extra Experience Points beyond the purchase of this Skill List.

Level Five: Fly Like an Eagle: The Character gains Natural Enchanted Air Manipulation solely based on the purposes of being able to fly indefinitely (As per the Wind Rider Spell on page 30 of the ELEMENT Skills Companion, but now it is a Natural Ability that does not require Casting).

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