Void Elemental Magic

Void Elemental Magic is Dark Magic that works predominantly the same as Elemental Magic with the following differences:

Void Elemental Magic involves the use of the Void and focusing it through magical manipulation to the will of the caster.

Level One: Elemental Detection & Lore: A Magic User may detect what elements are present within a thirty meter radius, for all elemental users this covers all fields, a fire user may detect all five elements just as well as a water elementalist can.
This skill also covers any lore related to the ELEMENT of the Void and items of power to do with that field. The lore part of this skill is relevant to the level in this skill list i.e. a level four Void Elemental Magic has level four lore in the Void.

Level Two: Void Elemental Defence: By drawing forth the power of their element, a magic user may encase their body with the power of the element and be protected from all ‘Mundane’ forms of combat Damage for the duration of the spell.
The Magic User may also cast this spell on another of their elemental alignment at no extra cost, but only grants the recipient a bonus of +2 Hits to All Locations for the spell duration. Use of this spell means the target will register as Void-Tainted.
Casting Elemental Defence on a target not of the casters elemental alignment is possible, but it only grants +2 Hits to All Locations, and casting the spell costs double the usual amount of Mana Points.

Level Three: Elemental Manipulation: This allows the Magic User to manipulate their chosen element - it has to be present however to be manipulated. Referee involvement may be required when using this ability.
Use of this spell is open to player direction and may be used to make one ‘incidental attack’ at a target for a maximum of three points of ‘Enchanted Damage’.
Void Energy may be used to break Mundane Items once per casting of this spell.

Level Four: Summon Elemental: The Caster may summon a Void Elemental that will willingly perform a service for the caster from among the following examples:
- 1: x4 Enchanted Attacks with a Weapon.
- 2: x4 Enchanted Dodges versus Mundane or Enchanted Attacks.
- 3: Granting +4 Hits to the Caster, similar to ‘Elemental Defence’ being cast upon another.
- 4: Granting +4 Mana Points to the Caster.
- 5: Adding +4 to a Skill Level for a task, making that task ‘Enchanted’ for the duration of that task.

Note: Characters are given, or may generate a name for their Elemental as they will always summon the same one, to encourage not only role play, but also a sense of continuity and understanding of what it is to use Elemental Magic and a sense of a developing relationship – use wisely, Elementals have feelings too!

Level Five: Elemental Attack: The blast of Elemental energy does 'Global Enchanted Quad' to the target of this spell.

Note: It has been noted that a Void Elemental Attack may leave a trace of Void Taint on the target. This however lasts only for five minutes and then disperses without any further effect. Equally, a Void Tainted NPC hit with an Elemental Attack from a Magic User of the Elemental Union (and if they survive!) will not register as Void Taint for five minutes either!

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