Vorsten Dae

Earl Vorsten Dae (Born 861AoF), 1st Son of Godfrey is the competent noble who has lived in the shadow of his father, the late Earl and managed to portray being a well respected member of House Dae and manages the principal barony of Souwei-Lorsan. With the death of his father he has accepted the duties of head for House Dae, but has as yet to make any social commentary on the fact another was appointed by the King to be the new Earl.

Late in 913 of the Age of Fire, he was elevated to the rank of Earl by Duke Rana Dae in preparation for battle versus the Werewolves.

In 915AoF, Vorsten followed the King into battle at the Battle of Wroth Cayeno and has taken residence in that city as a part of the King's Advisory Council.

His family:

1: Sir Midas Helar Dae, 1st Son of Vorsten Dae.
2: Lord Brynden Dae, 2nd Son of Vorsten Dae (Died 912AoF).
3: Lady Minisa Salui married Duke Tulkas Salui.

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