Vulgorn is a new settlement, built in the mid year of 912 of the Age of Fire, built upon and around the central location in the Great Desert Ocean of the Burning Sands where the Phoenix Cult makes its sacred home. Established by the Ulcas known as The Butcher, it serves as a focal point of alliance between the Fire races of Urutau. In late 913 of the Year of Fire, Astor the Red returned to Vulgorn from the Elemental Plane of Fire, accompanied by a contingent of Salamanders connected to him through his marriage to one of their own, Leandra, and the mother of his seven children. The Salamanders taking up residence here replaced the Gornang contingent who had left earlier in the year after the liberation of Khayeim and the completion of the works they did for Vulgorn.

Present Day:

Following 'The Sum of All Things', a number of things have happened in and around Vulgorn, which has changed much since its foundation. In the second year of the Age of Dragons the Ulcas, led by the Butcher, left to return to Grun following the death of 'The Boss of Bosses'.

Imminently, the UTC is set to arrive and establish a new outpost for 'The Portal Network', along with the Church of the Elemental Union.


Hex Map Locations:

1: Tents of the visiting Fykari; Resident Population: 2000 Fykari.
2: Fykari Permanent Residence; Resident Population: 4000 Fykari
3: Tunnels, formerly homes of the Giiza Tribe of Ulcas;
4: The Entrance into Vulgorn.
5: The Vulgorn Watchtowers: are placed at strategic points around the ten meter high wall of dragon-fire blasted sandstone, as constructed between the Gornang and Little Red, creating a very secure defensive perimeter for the manor.

The Black Circle shows the location of the underground temple of the Phoenix Cult, no true numbers on Fykari Priests or a definitive number of Phoenix are known, other than the Ashgrove Seer.

Vulgorn uses the mechanics for Baron Game Play:

Leadership: Gorbel ack Vanzaang, leader of the Fykari Nations.
Economy: Average: The Holding generates 30 Gold Crowns per Annum.
Military: High: 30 Knights, 150 Men-at-Arms and 1500 Militia.
Technology: Average: Though new management has brought in Scorpion Breeding…
Magic: Very High: 1 Skilled Mage, 30 Average Mages and 90 Apprentice Magi.
Population: Average: 6000 People (97% Fykari, 3% Other).

Notes: The Very High magic status is reinforced by the presence of the Ashgrove Seer and the Phoenix Cult.

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