Name: Vulpin

Sunguard crew member

Race: Fox-kin

Physical Description:

Vulpin is a grey fox. Her fur fades from the grey on her tail and becomes a light shade of brown more towards her face. She wields a dagger at her side, a bow in her hand and a quiver on her back. She wears light leather armour on her torso and legs, leaving plenty of manoeuvrability for sneeking and drawing her bow.


She comes from the Southlands in the Wild Kingdom were she grew up in your everyday fox-kin family unit. She'd watch travellers come and go and decided that's what she wanted to do one day. When she reached the age at which normal fox-kin would start making their own families, she left to start her own adventure.

Known Associates:

Ragnar the Dwarf
Pliskin the Wasteland Hunter

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