Warriors Of The Sun

A holy warrior of Lord Helios, the warrior of the sun travels the land, protecting the weak and fighting evil.

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- Lore: Lord Helios (3).
- Weapon Skill (5).
- First Aid (5).
- No Void-Taint for at least One Year.
- Must complete a journey to the long lost 'Temple of the Sun', once there they must petition Lord Helios himself.

Level One: Create Sunlight: Once per Day, the Character may perform a one minute prayer to Lord Helios, who will bestow upon the Character a small ball of sunlight that will emit light up to a 5 meter area, the ball may be controlled by the Character but can only move up to 5 meters.

The ball of sunlight lasts for five minutes.

Times per Day increases with investment in this skill list to a maximum of 'Five Times per Day'.

Level Two: Healing Light of Lord Helios: Twice per Day, the Character may pray over a Target for two minutes and heal the target with +2 Global points of damage, closing all wounds in the process with Divine Power.

Level Three: Blessed Strikes: Three times per day, during the day only, the Character may hold their weapon to the sky and draw power from the sun so that they may strike with divine damage for a Combat Encounter.

Level Four: Strength of the Sun: The Character gains +4 Hits to all Locations.

Level Five: Sunlight Spear: Once per Event, the Character may hurl a bolt of sunlight at an enemy for a 'Global Divine Quad Through'.

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