Wayfare Village

Wayfare was a Wrotan Savage Village that marked a halfway point from the southern shore of the Savage Mountains at the Broken Quay to the location of the Castle of the Elemental Union, deep within Werewolf territory. It was first encountered by Agents of the Light Company when securing the passage between the castle and the shore, so as to allow for regular supplies to the forces garrisoned at the castle and an agreement of trade was made between the Agents and the people of the village.

However, in 914AoF, with the waking of the Black Dragons, the village was laid to ruin as forces fell upon the Castle of the Elemental Union and laid them to waste. What survivors there were, fled to the shores, and made their way to the Morigena Kingdom remembering promises of help, food and shelter if they sought it by the ranger, Ruada.

Since then, efforts by the Elemental Union, including the Wrotan Savage Valorstanus, have seen the Wrotan Savages return, and this small village has grown into a small town, becoming a pivotal location within the Savage Mountains. Now that the battle with Lord Math is done, it remained to be seen whether or not the Werewolves would allow this to continue.

The All-Father responded, and made it his home, and brought with him hope to the Men of the Mountains, preaching of Mars, and Gods of War.

Wayfare Settlement: Lord Knight Status. Run by the All-Father.

Economy: Average.
Military: Average (The Four Knights are the All-Father's 'Gods of War').
Technology: Low, but the settlement controls the access and mining of Enchanted Ice in the Savage Mountains.
Magic: Special.
Population: Average (9 Settlements, all protected by the All-Father's War Banner), though there are many settlements outside of the Banner's Range that give their allegiance to the All-Father.

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