Wild Lands

The Wild Lands of Quelas are a dangerous place for anyone to lose themselves in. A vagrant track leads east from the eastern road that skirts the Great Forest of Quelas, connecting the north of Quelas to the south. Bandits are known to operate in the region, though there are far worse dangers due to years of Biomantic Creations being made somewhere within and then let loose.

The Druids and the Bards record that the lands are in fact the ancestral homeland of the royal tribe, and in recent times, Lorican was able to rally the Queldi here under his banner after lifting the curse from his fated ancestor, Bodthvar. But any plans to realign themselves with the rest of the Queldi people seems to have vanished with the High King.

With the rise of Tiamey and the dispute for the crown between her and Nia, the area suffered heavy attacks from creations of Tiamey keen to try and eradicate the Cursed Tribe once and for all, but this all came to an end in 913 of the Age of Fire, with Tiamey relenting the crown to Nia, and attacks being brought to an end by Nia and company.

With the return of Yalirus, and with the new queen, the future of the Wild Lands could be interesting.

Duke Game Play Mechanics:

Economy: Non-Existent.
Military: Low.
Technology: Low.
Magic: Low.
Population: Very Low.

Notes: The region has suffered the harshest in recent times, there is a lot of work to do…

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