One of the variety of Enchanted Diseases that may be caught in game.

Infection: Exposure to prolonged effects of Biomancy lead to a target contracting Wrack.


  • Stage One: Bones ache and relief is found by 'shaking limbs' like a tree. This lasts for a number of days equal to base hits possessed by the target, before it leads to Stage Two.
  • Stage Two: Lasts for 48 Hours: Periods of stillness cause intense pain, draining the fatigue and mental health of the infected target, driving them to intolerable lengths to want to ease the effects of the disease.
  • Stage Three: Bones morph and twist, causing intense pain as the infected target now looks awkward and obviously crippled by the effects of the disease to the point of full incapacitation. Treatment in this stage is notably difficult.

Detection: Requires Disease Level Four in all stages, though diagnosis becomes easier the further stages that are infecting the target are examined.

Treatment: Magical Antidote, including the Alchemical Ingredient of Drurgo Blood found on the Elemental Plane of the Void.

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