One of the variety of Enchanted Diseases that may be caught in game.

Infection: Extended exposure to Ethereal Lords or their powers leads to the infection taking hold.


  • Stage One: The target is able to be possessed for a duration that far exceeds the standard ability of the Ethereal Lord, lasting for periods that extend to days and months, making possession near infinite while undetected.
  • Stage Two: One Month after Last Possession: After possession ends the character turns incorporeal and unaffected by anything Mundane in origin. They may not speak or affect the corporeal world without the intervention of 'Enchanted' or 'Divine' powers.
  • Stage Three: Three Months after the last Possession: Results in death and the target becoming a Wraith.

Note: Repossession by an Ethereal Lord: resets the infection to Stage One if possessed before death.

Detection: Stage One requires Enchanted Detection and Disease Level Four to correctly diagnose, Stage Two requires only visual confirmation and Disease Level Four.

Treatment: Greater Enchanted Alchemical Antidote, made with the rare ingredient of Ground Dragon Scales, harvested from a Living Adult Dragon.

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