Wroth Cayeno


Wroth Cayeno is a Wrotan City Fortress, that lies at the very south-western part of Wrotentia, and acts as the naval dockyard for the Wrotan Navy.

Early History:

The true origins of the city have been long forgotten it seems, with scholars agreeing that the Fomori, the rogue faction among the Morigena actually built the city during the Age of the Void, when in fact the true history that has been lost is that the Morigena built it during their expansion and exploration during the the Age of Air, prior to the kin strife that fractured the Champion Race of Water. But of course, much has been lost to scholar and historians, and so it is generally accepted that Fomori built the city, and after the end of the Age of the Void, the Wrotan claimed it as a prize, and moved into it, and settled there, and there they have been ever since.

Recent History:

With the fall of the Wrotan Republic, the Wrotan Empire saw little use for a navy, and so the city became the pastures for soldiers and old republicans who were not easy to remove. The wounded, the infirm were shipped here and the navy itself left to rot as the Empire tried to enforce its dominance upon the world of Urutau. The return of Lord Morian and supremacy of the sea by the allied water Races meant there was no need for this naval force.

And then of course, things changed and the Republic fought back and the Empire slowly became doomed, and this culminated in an attack on the city, and the annexing of it as the Republic prepared to take the fight to Wrotentia. The Fey-Sirona attacked, and defeated the Imperial Forces, and after the civil war moved on, those who were left behind picked up the remains of the city and tried to carve out a living among the ruins.

The City Today:

In the aftermath of the Battle of Wroth Cayeno in 915AoF, the Wrotan Republic agreed to pass ownership of the city back into the hands of the Morigena, and with plans commonly known of the betrothal between King Everyl Telluwyn and Lady Alyra Tremaine, the city forms the center of the Kingdom of Water.


1: King Everyl Telluwyn.
2: Lady Alyra Tremaine.
3: Earl Dayne Telluwyn.
4: Earl Vorsten Dae.

City Officials:


1: Earl Vorsten Dae has taken over duties of running the city.
2: Legatus Remus Tullius, a young, inexperienced Wrotan assisting in the running of the city.
3: Centurion Devidius Varl, an aging veteran of the Wrotan Army controls the one hundred strong city guard.
4: Father Prius Vibennis, the recently arrived leader of the Church Contingent.

Naval Officials:


1: Earl Dayne Telluwyn has assumed command of the Elemental Union Navy.
2: Baron Dirvaar Kraesthorn remains Rear Admiral in command of the Merchant Navy.
3: Commodore Marcus Levitius, a middle-aged Wrotan Soldier has been in command of the Navy since the days of the Empire, and struggled to maintain one working warship, and allowed for another to fall into the possession of the local brothel owner.

Notable Civilians:


1: Master Vorum Kest is a local Baker, and spokesperson for the small population of civilians who remain inhabitants of the city.
2: Jocasta Varden Shield-Bearer of the Church.
3: Uncle Gallus, a curious member of the Church assigned to the city.

City Statistics:

The City State is run much like a duchy, and as such, the statistics that follow are done so in accordance to the Duke level of what is known in ELEMENT as Barony Game Play.

1: ECONOMY: Average.

2: MILITARY: Average.

3: TECHNOLOGY: Average.

4: MAGIC: Average.

5: POPULATION: Low, the majority of people who have gravitated towards the city have done so for military reasons and the civilian head count remains limited, but is growing.

City Map Locations:


1: Castle Cayeno.
2: The Town Hall.
3: The Merchant District.
4: Wroth Cayeno Naval Base.
5: The Embassy.
6: The Gardens.
7: The Crypt.
8: The Church of the Elemental Union.
9: The Hospital.
10: The Guests Estate.
11: The Barracks.
12: Dry Docks.
13: The Observatory.

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