Wroth Gelrahan

Wroth Gelrahan is a pivotal Wrotan City that until recently separated the Empire from the Burning Sands and the Fykari who have long held a hatred for the people who have prevented them from spreading further across the lands of Urutau.

In the year 912 of the Age of Fire, the Alliance of Fire laid siege to the city, but despite stubborn defence and repeated attacks by the Ulcas that were repelled, a covert group of heroes were able to sneak into the city and effect a liberation of the city, which in the process revealed the presence of an Ethereal King. The liberation of the city has proved to be a significant point in Fate and been the symbol of the rebirth of the Wrotan Republic.

At the beginning of the year 913 of the Age of Fire, it was host to a council to determine the next course of action in the fight versus the Void and the Wrotan Empire, dubbed 'The Requiem for Winter'. Furthermore, to date, the gates of the city have remained open to allied Fykari forces who have lent their support to the Second Wrotan Republic, though if this can be sustained, remains to be seen.

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