Xp Winter Period

The Winter Period is a time when characters may spend XP without the normal restraints in play during the rest of the gaming year. To take full advantage of the Winter Period, the player must meet the following requirements:

1: The Character must be in their established home.
2: The Character must have access to the resources required to support the experience expenditures desired.
3: The Character must have the experience points available to pay for the expenditures.

Once the requirements have been met, the character, being at home in the time of winter, may use the extended period of time to take instruction, or guidance to support expending their stored up XP.

What the Winter Period allows, is for a more wider reaching freedom of expenditure:

1: Skills may be raised by up to three levels, subject to XP costs and having an instructor available.
2: Skills may be raised by up to two levels, subject to XP costs, without an instructor being available.

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