Yalirus is a demon of considerable power.

Her last known whereabouts was the Demon Prison of Purgatory One before she was liberated by a small group of heroes from the Elemental Union in 913AoF. When last seen (in 910AoF) prior to this she was being taken back into custody by demons and returned to the Elemental Plane of the Void, after many years as a rogue agent operating to her own agenda's in Quelas.

She is the mother of Tiamey spawned from a union with Lorican in the year 909 of the Age of Fire, she returned her daughter into the custody of the Light Company for reasons unknown, having accelerated her growth and education through magic.

She was also the mother of Balo, the cursed child spawned from a union with Bodthvar in order to fulfill magics used to provide Bodthvar with power and sanctuary for Yalirus.

What led Yalirus to originally flee the Void is unknown, she retains a heavy tone on contempt for the life forms she believed to be below her; many of her creations were left to roam the wild lands of Quelas after her capture.

She has, at times aided the Elemental Union, in particular she helped to save the Purple Dragon Avatar by removing it from the corpse of a Nimorian and weaving it onto Skyreach Whitewing. She also has proved to be a resourceful, if not always reliable ally. What the future now holds for the former Servant of Lady Espari is a question to see out with curiosity.

Yalirus seemingly met her end, early in the year 914 of the Age of Fire, during the attempt to rescue the Sea-Turtle, Coltrane from Purgatory One. Surrendering to the new Keeper of the demon dimension, she was able to secure the safe return of most of the adventurers who had travelled there, and upon returning to what seemed to be her continuing her former sentence, she broke her magic staff and seemed to commit suicide in an attempt to evade further torture, and kill her captor in the destructive blast caused by the breaking of the staff.

Lastly, in the middle of 914AoF, Yalirus gave birth to 'Lexus' the child of Lord Arios, and was herself turned into a Wrotan Human, what this means for the former Demon is still a new and unexplored avenue for her…

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