Lady Ylliria Vane formerly Dae, 1st Daughter of Lord Korsten Dae.


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Physical Description:

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The Morigena Kingdom.

Political Affiliation:

The Elemental Union.

Known Associates:

Her elder brothers are Duke Rana Dae 1st Son of Lord Korsten Dae, and Morden Dae 2nd Son of Lord Korsten Dae. She spent a lot of time with her sister-in-law, Lady Felisia Dae in the royal courts at Nor-Dalgontor and built a friendship with Felisia's sister, Lady Vyronessa Stayne.

Since the death of her sister-in-law, she has been looking after the young children of her brother, and become something of a hand maiden of the Nimorian Queen during her stay at Dragonsfall Mead Hall, where the family now dwell.

In 916AoF she was married to Helvar, who was knighted as Sir Helvar Vane by her brother, Duke Rana Dae.

Ylirria died in the last days of the Age of Fire, helping the demon known as Bond reach the Castle of the Elemental Union.

Known Rivals:

None Known.

Known Enemies:

Agents of the Void.

Known Skills:

Healer and Fighter.

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