Yusef al Rhakim

Raised among the Tribes of the Fykari he had started to learn the ways of the tribe when his tribe was attacked, all the adults were killed and all the children sold into slavery. Yusef ended up in a school for Gladiators. Being slight of build and quick the Lanista thought to make a unique gladiator out of him, one without weapons, changing from the norm when it came to training he was entered into his first fight at aged 14. The branding he was subjected to was severe enough to calm the rage he felt, stopping him from entering the red mist of the Beserker. After a few years his Lanista(Omid al Serri) saw that Yusef's mind was as agile as his body and decided to teach him personally. After 10 years of fighting and training with the Lanista Yusef was granted his freedom, of a sort, he was to become Omid's factotum and agent in the slave trade taking him from the arena as a Known Champion. After 5 successful years of being Omid's factotum Yusef was named as Omid's heir inheriting the School and Omid's slave pens. Since then he has made his fortune in the slave trade, gladiatorial fights and money lending.

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